7 ways to reduce travel costs from the next round of funding

You are in the funding circle to make money to increase your start or to transfer your existing company to the next level. If you have tried and failed all sources, you can try without leaving your office and just have to travel with the following seven suggestions to take you there – and vice versa – without doing it on a wing and prayer, and without giving the bank balance is too big.

  1. Why do you book this trip? Yes, I know you can not get financing in the office. But that is why you are traveling, not why you book it. Attract a travel agent. They are specialists and you are not. Every trade has its tricks, and the travel business is no different. Give a list of dates and destinations and smooth them out. You can spend the time spent with the family to smooth out the inconvenience of being on another business trip. Hey, I'm just saying …
  2. Set the rules. Do not let your travel agent turn you into luxury hotels with sophisticated pillows and saunas in the room. You are trying to generate money from this funding round rather than spend it. The hotel room is a sleeping area for one or two nights; do not move. Set a budget and get them to work. Being clear from the beginning helps them to help you.
  3. Get on the chain. There is something soothing in the familiar and you will find it if you work with the same chain of hotels. Even more reassuring is that you will be able to take advantage of loyalty schemes that will make your trip cheaper. Here we are trying to raise money. See Tip 2.
  4. Travel Light. You can move faster if you are traveling with light. Take your packaging to fine art and handle a handbag. Make sure that these are the sizes that airlines will accept, and you can be the first in the cabin rank when the flight arrives, instead of looking at a broken wheel on the box around the carousel. Look, it comes back … I wonder if your case went to Birmingham, Great Britain, not to Birmingham, Alabama? Maybe that's why it has not yet appeared … Opa …
  5. I'm eating out. What crazy advice is this? Why should you eat outdoors when staying at a hotel? In fact, a few reasons. Firstly, if you have tight budget tightly, you may be staying in a hotel without a restaurant, but even if you are not, going out in the evening will make you work as you go to find the right eating place, and secondly, you will get the flavor of the city you visit, and that will come for nothing. Exercise and sightseeing for free? What not to like?
  6. And whose money is in any case? If you are hunting for funding, chances are that your business is the one that is the basis of the bill, so think about it. How about paying for your own food? This is what you would do at home after shopping for groceries or choosing a restaurant so why not do the same on a business trip? In the grand scheme of things, it can save only a few money, but yes, all this will contribute to profitability, albeit only a little. Travel cost management software is a brilliant tracking tool for what you've spent, allowing you to make sure you had value for money.
  7. Okay, you win, So, you want to do it yourself, all this trip reservation malarkey. Go, but do me a favor. Use travel and cost management software. If you do not, it means that the whole thing will be out of control, and no matter what the airline ticket is, you will not know where you are financially.