Training abroad

In the first semester of my senior year at college, I had the opportunity to travel abroad. It was one of the greatest decisions in my life and I learned a lot while I was away. I studied in the country Cyprus, which is an island in the Mediterranean near Turkey and Greece. The county is full of Greek culture, beautiful beaches and sunlight. During my travel search, I found many difficulties in finding cheap flights and airlines. Unfortunately, finding airline tickets was a task I had to do alone. Air travel was the only way to get to the country and I have to find a flight that meets my budget. Finding cheap flights to a foreign country was extremely difficult for me, especially because I have never done it before. All I needed was the helper hand for an easy-to-use internet platform to guide me through the whole process. I was hoping for a service to find my best available flights and transport. I hope to set up a tourist service to organize the cheapest airline tickets as well as any necessary information about the customer's travel plans.

When I visit other countries or even countries, I am sure that many people have questions about culture, places of interest, food, location or transport, as I did when I was in Cyprus. An online travel agency can be in an efficient way to get answers to questions without even having to meet an agent. For those who have additional days off, this tourist service can start searching for notifications of upcoming deals and determining an individual trip. I think my tourist service can be beneficial to many people who want to see the world.

After making a series of blogs for learning abroad, I went to look at a second post on my previous study abroad. Posting for a trip made me remember some of the beautiful places I was different from Cyprus. Maybe I studied in Cyprus, but I also traveled to Greece, Poland, England, Romania, Belgium and Austria. Greece, which was the first trip from Cyprus, was not what I expected to be the country. My friends and I stayed at Airbnb in Athens. It was in close proximity to the Parthenon. Getting out of the train, I noticed that the country's economy struggled while I read before I got into the country. The walk to our accommodation was filled with interesting but welcoming groups of people. Our room was beautiful. It includes fantastic views of some of Athena's most famous attractions.

The second day we went to the Parthenon and visited the Acropolis Museum where I learned that the area was devoted to the worship of the goddess Athena. Structures and figures were incredible. The rest of my trip was filled with traditional Greek dishes, music, dance and architecture. Having crossed the countless pictures I have from my studies abroad, I felt the desire to give you at least to drive you to my trip to Greece. I hope to do more than my initial study abroad and to specify the possibility of traveling alone during the training abroad.