The Millennium Backpacker – The Traveling Light

You are on a budget or you fly with a discount airline with transportation fees or public transport. Of course, it is best to take a backpack. Backpack; is not that limitation? Even if you are staying in a hotel or relatives, the idea makes sense and that is why:

1) Instead of transporting suitcases and rollers from the airport, you can save money on local transport and from here on site.

2) As a stranger, you are less noticeable without a suitcase. Released from your hands and looking ahead, you are less inclined to pickpockets or kidnapping.

3) Tracking a less strange place is released; You do not rumble at the hostel or worry others when you arrive at midnight.

4) Too many clothes accumulate like dirty laundry, clutter the suitcase and your life even further than your journey.

5) With too many things you spend more time in appearances, instead of experiencing and learning that you hope to find.

Yes, backpacking simplifies creating a more relaxing journey. But the secret of success is in planning. Assessing your real needs, everything you pack is multi-purpose or interconnected.

Take your clothes. How many are you you must? As a tourist, you do not see the same people on a daily basis, and your traveling friends are not there to decide. It is enough to achieve a minimum (especially when there are laundry-relatives in the hostel).

I recently returned from a 7-night trip to Costa Rica. We flew Spirit, so the free backpack was limited to what could fit under the seat. Still, I had plenty of space for my school size. And with my leave method (later), I had a place to take 2 bags of coffee at home.

Here's what I got: 1 pair of jeans 2 pairs of shorts 1 pair of swimsuits

5 T-shirts 1 Long sleeve shirt 1 thin rain jacket

6 pairs of underwear 4 pairs of socks 1 slim (souvenir cloth) *

1 pair of flip flops, plastic sneakers, toiletries, a bottle of water and a small food bag.

I put things in the pack, without PJ, extra shoes or anything else. Of course I had the clothes I wore. I turned things tight, fastened with rubber bands or plastic in bags. When I finished, I had a fluffy pillow, but one that was properly pressed under my seat.

We arrived late in San Jose and took a taxi to the hostel. In the morning I shifted my shirts and flip-flops to the fabric. Four of us were traveling by car, there was plenty of room. When we continued our journey through the days, my package became lighter and lighter. I left things back instead of storing them as dirty laundry. Yes, the method of leaving is what I learned from a friend.

We all have clothes that are thin or not the most attractive, socks with holes or wear of underwear. Why not keep them for your next trip? Over time I parted with them one by one, shorts, shirts, underwear, extra toiletries, and finally a towel.

I flew back with my rain jacket, the swimsuit, the water bottle, some toiletries, and my coffee. At the airport, I looked at the pupil simply on a one-day excursion.

So think about it the next time you have such a desire to fly across the country. Save yourself a little money and money. Take backpack; it's much easier!